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Dean's Welcome

Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco, Dean, College of LAS

Congratulations! I am pleased to hear that you have been admitted to DePaul University. You will soon discover what an exciting community you have joined. Because of our wide range of programs, our interdisciplinary nature and the way we incorporate Chicago into our courses, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is always alive with new opportunities.

Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the foundational college at DePaul, offers students a variety of choices and opportunities to advance their education. Most of our programs are offered on the Lincoln Park Campus in one of Chicago’s finest and most exciting neighborhoods where we have created a vibrant community of learners devoted to the life of the mind and the Vincentian mission of service to the community.

The success of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is due to our dedicated faculty and staff who share the university’s values, vision and enthusiasm for learning. Teaching comes first at DePaul. Nearly all of our classes are taught by faculty members, not graduate assistants. You will learn from experts who are shaping the art and science of their fields and demonstrating how the latest knowledge and techniques are used and applied.

The college is committed to providing all of its students with an education that balances in-depth study with a breadth of experience in various disciplines that form the core of human knowledge. All of our degree-granting programs seek to enhance student knowledge and critical thinking skills, to raise questions of value and meaning, and to develop those habits of the heart and mind intrinsic to lifelong and independent learning.

In addition, you will take advantage of modern facilities with the latest equipment. In the past few years we have added new technologically advanced classrooms and remodeled others. We are particularly excited about our new Arts and Letters Hall, which opened for classes in January 2012, providing the Lincoln Park Campus with 47 state-of-the-art classrooms. It's home to the college’s English and History of Art and Architecture departments.

The next few years promise to be exciting. I hope to see you on campus next fall.


Guillermo Vásquez de Velasco, PhD
Dean and Professor of Art, Media, and Design​