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Next Steps After Orientation

If you have follow-up questions after orientation, you can email:

Note: It is very important to include your name and DePaul ID number in any email correspondence.


Have your final transcripts been sent?  If not, please send them to:

DePaul University
Office of Admission
1 E. Jackson Blvd
Chicago, IL 60604 

Changing Your Registration, Dropping Classes and Deferring Admission

Be observant of the deadlines to add, drop and place classes on pass/fail. Check the Academic Calendar frequently to familiarize yourself with these important dates.

Note:  If you decide not to attend DePaul or decide you no longer wish to take a course you are registered for, you must officially drop the course(s) using Campus Connect. If you decide not to attend DePaul or wish to defer your admission to a future quarter, you must contact the Office of Admission at

Not attending a course or telling someone you no longer plan to attend will not release you from your academic and financial responsibility.

Beyond Orientation: Planning Your Schedule for the Next Quarter

When registering for your second quarter at DePaul, there are several items that you will want to consider:

  • What times and locations are most convenient for you to attend class?
    Scheduling classes at times or campuses that conflict with work, family or other obligations can result in trouble down the road. Try to plan a schedule that works best with your life.

  • What requirements have you already met?
    Your Degree Progress Report (available through Campus Connect) and your credit evaluation are important tools for academic planning at DePaul. Use them wisely!

    Be sure not to register for courses that you have already satisfied with transfer credit. Also, check that you have met all required prerequisites for the courses you plan to enroll in. Proper academic preparation for class guarantees success.

    Note: Transfer students should utilize the Degree Progress Report along with their credit evaluation to determine how their courses transferred and to determine remaining degree requirements.

  • Meet with your advisor at least once per quarter.
    All DePaul students have access to academic advisors.  You should plan to meet with your advisor at least once a quarter, which ensures proper academic planning over your course of study at DePaul.  Please see the Advising section for advising resources and contact information.

  • How are your grades with your current course load?
  • Should you increase or decrease school or other hours?

  • Did other obligations outside of school and work interfere with your academic success?
    Should you increase or decrease school or other hours?

  • Have you completed your writing and math requirements?
    It is recommended that you work on finishing these courses.