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The Quarter System

DePaul University operates on a quarter system. Unlike semesters, which are typically 15-16 weeks in length, quarters are 10 weeks in length, occurring in the fall, winter, spring and summer. Since quarters are only 10 weeks in length, it is imperative to your success as a new student not to fall behind. Be sure to attend all classes (especially during the first week) and keep an open line of communication with your professors.

Quarters tend to progress rapidly, so make sure you check the Academic Calendar for important deadlines and due dates.

If you find that you're having difficulty with classes, do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with your professors. Your professors want you to succeed and will often recommend strategies for being successful in class. You may also want to meet with your major field or LAS advisor to discuss any concerns you have about classes or adjusting to the college lifestyle.‚Äč