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Transfer Student Information

Transfer Credit Agreements

The schools on this site have already had some or all of their courses evaluated for transferability to DePaul. The lists show you if there is an exact equivalent at DePaul or if the courses meet our Liberal Studies requirements (called General Education requirements at other schools.)

Transfer Credit Conversion

DePaul University's Academic Calendar is based on the quarter system. College credit is accumulated on the basis of quarter hours. To convert credit hours from the semester system to the quarter system, multiply 1.5 (example: 3 semester hours x 1.5 = 4.5 quarter hours). The minimum number of hours required for graduation with a bachelor's degree is 192 quarter hours.

DePaul's Transfer Credit Rules

Information about the types of transfer credit accepted, including credit by exam, credit from foreign institutions and military credit is outlined.

Pre-Orientation Advising

Students have the option to meet with an advisor at the Office for Academic Advising Support (OAAS) prior to attending their transfer orientation. OAAS offers you the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor to review your previously earned college credit, discuss programs of interest and put together an academic plan. Call OAAS at (773) 325-4184 to schedule your appointment.  

Note:  This is not an appointment to register for classes. Registration for classes happens at your Transition DePaul orientation.

Degree Progress Reports 

Your Degree Progress Report (DPR) outlines how your transfer credits meet DePaul's degree requirements, including Liberal Studies and you declared major(s) and minor(s).  Any course waivers or substitutions based on transfer credit or exam credit are also reflected on your credit evaluation.

Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)

The Office of Admission's Transfer Center provides details and frequently asked questions regarding the IAI.

If you are not sure whether you completed IAI or would like more information, please see an LAS Undergraduate College Office advisor.

Course Articulation Review

If you have a question about how a course has been articulated or if you would like the articulation of a particular course to be reviewed, you may email for assistance. Be sure to include your name and seven-digit DePaul ID number.

If you would like us to review a transfer course, please include a course description from the transferring institution's course catalog as well as a brief summary of why you are petitioning the course and what particular DePaul requirement you are hoping the course to fulfill.

In some cases, LAS may request a course syllabus and/or abstract. Requests take approximately three weeks to process, and DePaul University has the final say on all articulation petition requests.

Office of Admission's Transfer Center

The Transfer Center is a collection of information that is aimed at making transferring to DePaul predictable and successful.  Whether you are a traditional-aged, adult transfer, international or current student who wants to take a class at another college and transfer it back to DePaul, you should be able to find help and resources through the Transfer Center.​