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Degree Conferral

Degree conferral is the completion of academic requirements and the awarding of the degree. There are four conferral periods available each academic year when a student may apply for graduation: November (fall quarter), March (winter quarter), June (spring quarter) and August (summer session). Students are first eligible to apply for degree conferral when they reach senior status (132+ credit hours). An LAS Undergraduate College Office or department academic advisor will verify your remaining degree requirements during a scheduled degree conferral review appointment. Visit the Undergraduate Student Handbook for specific details regarding degree conferral.

Steps Towards Degree Conferral

Step 1. Apply for degree conferral for the quarter in which you anticipate completing your requirements. Apply via Campus Connect to lock in your date (Academic Progress > Apply for Graduation). You cannot qualify for degree conferral or participate in the commencement ceremony without submitting a degree conferral application. There is no graduation fee to apply.

Step 2. Please read all instructions carefully. Your application will not be processed unless you complete the application in its entirety. Save and print the confirmation page, and keep it for your records. Make sure your academic plan is correct. If your academic plan is incorrect, go to the LAS forms page and click on Declaration of Major. Then follow the instructions to update your major, minor, etc.

Step 3. Schedule an appointment with your major field faculty advisor as soon as possible to ensure major field requirements are in order.

Step 4. Schedule your MANDATORY degree conferral review appointment with a LAS Undergraduate academic advisor by telephone, (773) 325-7310, in person at Clifton Corners, Suite 130, or via OneDePaul to ensure degree requirements are in order.

Step 5. Adhere to your remaining requirements outlined on your Degree Conferral Requirement Form which you will receive during your appointment. Failure to do so may delay your conferral.

Step 6. Degree conferral applications do not rollover. If you need to change your original term for degree conferral, or if you need to reapply after a previous denial, re-enter Campus Connect and click “Self Service > Apply for Degree Conferral.”  The screen will indicate you have already applied. Click “EDIT” and select a different conferral term from the drop down menu. Then click “SUBMIT.” Save and print the confirmation page for your records.

Step 7. In Campus Connect, please verify and confirm the preferred email address to receive email correspondence related to graduation and verify your mailing address is accurate to receive hard copy correspondence.

Note: Although you may have completed all requirements, graduation is not automatic. Every degree conferral candidate is required to file a degree conferral application for the quarter in which you anticipate completing your degree requirements. Submission of the application is done via Campus Connect. 

If you have any questions about degree conferral, please contact the LAS Undergraduate College Office at (773) 325-7310 or