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Call for 2022-23 Proposals

​​​​HumanitiesX (HX) invites teams comprised of two full-time LAS faculty members and a representative from a non-DePaul domestic or international nonprofit or non-governmental organization to apply for the 2022-23 HX fellowship cohort. Next year's annual theme is The Environment: Crisis and Action. Teams should propose an idea for a team-taught, project-based, community-engaged course for DePaul students that focuses on how to understand and respond to the changing environment and climate. 

We seek not only faculty with experience teaching environmental issues but also faculty excited to develop new, innovative courses in this area.

Sample Course Themes and "Big Questions"

Of particular interest are courses that demonstrate ways we may confront daunting local or global environmental crises and take meaningful and just action. One way to envision an HX course is to pose a big, meaningful question and develop a community-engaged project that responds to that question. 

Question: How have people historically been moved through argument, stories, and images to act on climate change or other pressing global challenges?

Project Idea: Informed by study of historical examples, students work with a nonprofit organization to create a contemporary public climate action campaign.

Question: What are some of the concrete impacts of environmental injustice in Chicago neighborhoods?

Project Idea: Students collect interviews or consolidate personal stories about enviromental injustice, in collaboration with a community-based nonprofit.


Question: What ethical or religious frameworks can be applied to help us understand and act on climate change or environmental justice?

Project Idea: Students help a nonprofit organization to host a series of community conversations about the ethics of climate action and inaction.

Question: What can we learn from cultures, religions, and localities that have made meaningful progress in addressing climate change?

Project Idea: Students curate best practice through an online or in-person exhibit, in partnership with a community or cultural organization.

Question: What lessons can we learn from the archives about environmental activism or activists?

Project Idea: Students tell the story of an activist organization through a public display of profiles of the organization’s activists.

The HumanitiesX fellowship grants three course releases and a summer stipend for faculty members and a $17,600 stipend for the nonprofit partner organization. Read more about the application process and timeline.

Next Steps

Have an idea? Schedule a ​Zoom consult to explore your Question and Project Ideas with HX Director Professor Lisa Dush.

Email Prof. Dush