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Fellowship Application

The application cycle for 2023-24 fellowships is closed.

Faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and their community partners from non-DePaul domestic or international non-profit or non-governmental organizations are invited annually to apply to join HumanitiesX as fellows.

HumanitiesX fellows are supported for the academic year, so that they may co-design an interdisciplinary, project-based course in the humanities for delivery in the spring quarter. All HumanitiesX courses are listed as LSP 301: HumanitiesX: Topics in the Experiential Humanities and count for Experiential Learning (EL) credit. They are often also cross-listed with topics courses in faculty fellows' home units.

Interested faculty and community partners should review the HumanitiesX model and consult with the initiative's faculty director, Professor Lisa Dush, prior to submitting an application.

Types of Fellows

HumanitiesX applications are submitted by a team of three: two faculty members in DePaul's College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and a community partner.

Faculty Fellows

Full-time faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences are eligible to apply to be a Faculty Fellow. At least one of the two faculty on the team must hold a tenure-line appointment, and faculty will typically be from different academic units.

Faculty Fellows receive a three-course reduction in the academic year (one course per academic quarter) and a summer stipend.

Community Fellows

Official representatives of a non-DePaul domestic or international non-profit or non-governmental organization are eligible to apply to be a Community Fellow. Applicants must be able and willing to commit to 10 months of collaborative work with their DePaul team, including the Collaborative's group sessions.

Community Fellows' organizations receive a $17,600 pass-through grant.

Application Timeline

Application timelines generally remain consistent from year to year. The timeline for applications for the most recent fellowship cohort (2023-24 Academic Year) was as follows:

Stage Date
Call for Proposals and Application Guidelines posted
November 1, 2022
Online Application opened
January 15, 2023
Online Application closed
March 6, 2023
Award notifications made
Week of April 10, 2023

Application Preparation

Applicants for HumanitiesX should review the Application Guidelines, which provide details of all materials that must be submitted through the online application. The application process is the same from year to year, though the shared annual theme changes.

Guidelines & Preparation

Download the 2023-24 Application Guidelines for easy offline review.

Download Guidelines

Ready to apply?

Contact us for more information regarding future application cycles.

Application Closed