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Catholic Living Learning Community

​​ CLC

The Catholic Learning Community (CLLC) is a collaboration between DePaul University and the Archdiocese of Chicago, which aims to form students for leadership positions in their parishes during and after their time at DePaul.

The CLLC is currently led by Rachelle Kramer, the director of Catholic Campus Ministry, professors  of Catholic Studies, Emanuele Colombo and Scott Moringiello.

Each year 10-15 students are members of the CLLC. Applications occur in the Autumn quarter. Students meet weekly for dinner in the Winter and Spring quarters to discuss issues in the Church and visit different ministries in the Archdiocese. In the Spring quarter, the students take a class in the Department of Catholic Studies together.

Through the CLLC, students have the opportunity to join their spiritual and academic pursuits, serve the community around them, grow in friendship, and live in community.

For more information, please contact Rachelle Kramer ( or Scott Moringiello (