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Faculty from a number of DePaul University's programs of study and colleges teach courses in the department of Catholic Studies: from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences: anthropology, history of art and architecture, English, history, modern languages, philosophy, political science, religious studies; from the College of Education, the College of Law, and the School of Music. In addition to the offerings of DePaul University, upper-level students may take selected courses at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. 

The Catholic Studies Program is designed to give students with differing learning objectives and career goals the maximum flexibility in the design of the BA degree. Some graduates begin careers in ministry. Many majors, like other humanities majors, enter graduate programs in the professions: business, education, journalism, law, ministry or social work. A Catholic studies major is also prepared for graduate programs in theology or religious studies. Most importantly, Catholic studies majors participate in the human search for wisdom with a Vincentian emphasis on building a just society.​​​​