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Geographic Information Systems (Certificate)

DePaul’s Geography Department offers geotechnology courses which prepare students for careers in such areas as international development; environmental monitoring and management; intelligence and diplomacy; the geodemographic, marketing and real estate industries; urban and regional planning; geographic education; and the information technology sector involved in the design and production of maps and spatial databases. Learn more about the GIS certificate.

Enrolling in the GIS Certificate Program

Current students who wish to declare the GIS Certificate Program need to submit an email message to Please put "GIS Certificate" in the subject field. Please note: If you already have a declared minor(s), this certificate will be added in addition to that program(s) and will not replace a previously declared minor(s).

If the GIS Certificate has been added to your Degree Progress Report (DPR) and you do not want to complete it, please notify to request its removal from your DPR.

What is GIS? Check out this video to learn more.

GIS Collaboratory and GIS Lab

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Collaboratory is a facility designed to serve the needs of DePaul faculty, students and staff in the areas of geospatial analysis, computer cartography and visualization, remote sensing, and image capture and conversion. It is located in Room 224 of the Schmitt Academic Center (SAC), 2320 North Kenmore Ave. on the Lincoln Park Campus of DePaul University. The lab schedule accommodates geography and quantitative reasoning courses. 

In addition, the GIS Lab​, located at 990 W Fullerton on the 3rd floor in room 3135, is open to students. It is also available upon request, for collaboratory usage with other groups and partnerships within DePaul, and on a case by case basis to those outside DePaul who have arrangements with the Department of Geography. Equipped with 18 high powered computers specialized for GIS usage, the computers in the GIS Lab have the latest in GIS software as well as other utility programs related to GIS work. 

Another space with GIS software available is 1327 Daley on the Loop Campus.​​