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PAX Double Major

For the Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies double major, students must complete the major requirements. Double majors may often double count courses for both majors, as well as with the Liberal Studies Program. The PAX double major is a valuable experience and excellent preparation for graduate or professional school or for immediate employment in not-for-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and the like. Students who are interested in a double major should meet with their academic advisor.

For information about programs that can count as double majors, visit the department websites:

Cross-College Double Majors
These are allowed by University policy. Here are some possible cross-college double majors:

  • Communications (e.g. Journalism, Intercultural Communication, Media and Cinema Studies, and Communication Studies)
  • Digital Cinema
  • Environmental Studies
  • Psychology
  • Theater Studies

To declare a double major, fill out this form.