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Related Initiatives


In Northwestern University’s Department of Philosophy, WiPhi (Women into Philosophy , founded in 2011, is a group of women students and faculty from all levels of the department who gather to socialize, read, discuss, sponsor and participate in events, and exchange common philosophical interests and concerns.


The International Association of Women Philosophers (IAPh) is a professional association and network that provides a forum for discussion, interaction and cooperation among women engaged in teaching and research in all aspects of philosophy, with a particular emphasis on feminist philosophy.

The Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP), founded in 1972 to promote women in philosophy, holds divisional meetings, meetings in conjunction with those of the American Philosophical Association, and publishes newsletters. Its web page contains links to resources on women in philosophy, feminist philosophy, and related conferences.

The Women in Philosophy Task Force (WPHTF) is an umbrella group that works to coordinate initiatives and intensify efforts to advance women in philosophy.