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Major Requirements

Course Requirements

Basic Prerequisite (1)

Value Studies (2)

Cognitive Skills (1)

History Sequence (3)

Systematic Themes (2)

300 Level Courses (4)

  • Four 300 level Philosophy courses

Capstone Seminar (1)

​Extra-Curricular Activities

The regular program of courses is supplemented by philosophical symposia, departmental colloquia, and mini-courses featuring prominent philosophers. Each student is expected to consult with his or her departmental advisor on course selection. With departmental permission, a senior may take one course selected from the graduate offerings in philosophy. He or she may take this course on a pass/fail basis. Certain courses in other departments are acceptable equivalents for philosophy credit. Seniors who have a superior record in philosophy may petition to do a Senior Thesis. (Please note that PHL 100 or HON 105 is the prerequisite for all 300-level philosophy courses; it is also the prerequisite for all 200 level cognitive skills courses as well as the 200 level history sequence.) ​


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