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Mark Wodziak

  • Professional Lecturer
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  • Sociology
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  • 773.325.4138
  • ​990 W. Fullerton, Room 1120

Professor Mark D. Wodziak is a sociologist whose teaching and research focuses on urban sociology, race and ethnicity, immigration, education, and media. He has been teaching at DePaul for 14 years and holds his graduate degrees in Sociology and Education from DePaul University. His past research has examined how Polish and Indian ethnic enclaves have changed over time due to processes of assimilation and segregation. Another project examined white people involved in the hip hop culture of Chicago; specifically, it examined white privilege, white reflexivity, white exceptionalism, and the possibilities of developing anti-racist politics through interracial coalitions. His current research focuses on best practices of multicultural pedagogy across a gamut of urban high schools with differing racial populations in Chicago. His ongoing research informs the way he works to most effectively reach the diverse student population at DePaul. 

Mark is certified as a secondary education teacher in the fields of history, sociology, and psychology; and he is currently pursuing a K-21 special education endorsement. He is also designing two new courses for the sociological curriculum. One course focuses on the global economic, cultural, and racial dynamics of hip-hop culture; and the other course, Crime in Chicago, utilizes Mark's expertise as a life-long Chicagoan and background in social history to introduce students to the historical roots, causes, consequences, and legacy of crime in Chicago's neighborhoods. 

As a "Double Demon," Professor Wodziak prides himself on his service to the DePaul University community. He is currently the co-director of the Sharing Social Knowledge Conference (SSK), an annual research conference that showcases the scholarly work of undergraduate students.​

In his spare time, Mark manages several hip-hop artists, travels the world, and takes long walks with his two dogs Muffin and Bodie. 

Courses Taught​​

  • LSP 111: Segregation in Chicago
  • LSP 200: Immigrant Experiences
  • ​LSP 200: Race & Ethnicity
  • SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 105: Social Problems
  • SOC 233: Sociology of Sport
  • SOC 256: Social Change
  • SOC 290 / CRIM 257 School Violence, Discipline, & Justice
  • SOC 313: Sociology of Education​​

Research Interests​​​

  • ​Urban Sociology
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Immigration
  • Education
  • Media​​
  • Crime