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Internship FAQ

Students will be enrolled in Sociology 398 once they have submitted a succesful application and it is approved by the director. Students will be copied on the request for enrollment email after approval is granted. No further action is required on the part of the student.

Please contact one of the following people regarding the Sociology Internship Program:

Dr. Tracey Lewis-Elligan
Internship Director-Department of Sociology
Phone: 773.325.1889

Monqiue Billings
Undergraduate Advisor-Department of Sociology
Phone: 773.325.4672
Students must perform 100 hours of supervised work experience over the 10 week quarter. Please visit our, "Internship Standards" page for a full list of  required standards.
The Department of Sociology supports a wide variety of internship opportunities in various concentrations and fields. Students should be pursuing internships in their desired areas of study. To view a complied list of suggested employers that previous students have interned with in the past, click here. Students may also find internships listed with the University's, DePaul Handshake Page. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Internship Program Director.
No—Students must be enrolled in SOC 398 (undergraduate) SOC 498 (Graduate) at the time of their internship. This fosters a complete experience in both the classroom and the real world. Please visit our section on, "Internship Requirements" for more information.
SOC 398 is offered every quarter. Please check the university schedule by visiting Campus Connect. Please note classes may take the form of online or in-person. Be sure to check the schedule.
Students typically begin their internship search at least one quarter before they intend to enroll in SOC 398 or SOC 498. Students must have the internship secured and approved before they are enrolled in the course—please make sure to leave plenty of time to complete the process.
Yes—All students must meet the requirements and have their internship approved by the director. Please visit our, "Internship Requirements" page for more information.
Yes—Students must complete the Internship Program Application. Be sure to have the information of your direct supervisor available to input in the form.  Students can apply by clicking here.
For possible internships outside of the city of Chicago, please contact the Internship Program Director at

The schedule of SOC 398/498 varies by term. Please visit the University's schedule in Campus Connect. Please note that 15 hours of instructional time is required, regardless of class format (i.e. online, in-person).

Students may not be able to complete an internship due to various reasons. If this situation arises, students should contact the Internship Director to discuss any/all possible options available to the student.
SOC 398 can fulfill the Experiential Learning Requirement, The Sociology Department's 300-Level Elective Requirement, or an open elective. Please note that the class cannot be counted for both an elective and the experiential learning requirement, unless it is taken more than once. 
Students who wish to take an internship after successfully completing the program, should make an appointment to meet with the Internship Program Director to discuss the best options available. No one situation is alike and we encourage students to maximize the most of their experience in the Internship Program.
Compensations for internships may vary and are decided by the employer offering the internship. Many internships may be unpaid. Be sure to contact your direct supervisor to inquire about any compensation questions.