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Programs & Projects

The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies offers students an exciting array of opportunities to engage in research and advocacy, obtain service learning and internship experience, develop leadership experience, and build community. Please see below for a list of ongoing programs and projects.

  • The Beck Research Initiative for Women, Gender and Community
    The Beck Research Initiative for Women, Gender and Community (BRI) was founded in 2002 to promote community-based programs and research that inform the prevention of, and intervention in, gender-related oppressions. The BRI supports several vibrant community-based projects that bring together DePaul University faculty, students, and community members to effect social change.
  • WGS Service Learning and Internship Program
    The WGS Service Learning and Internship Program places students with community-based organizations for both short-term and long-term internships according to their area of interest.
  • Take Back the Halls: Ending Violence in Relationships and Schools
    Take Back the Halls: Ending Violence in Relationships and Schools (TBTH) is a teen dating violence prevention and community activism program designed to prevent relationship violence among teens. Students from DePaul University, along with trained staff, facilitate weekly anti-violence workshops in area high schools.
  • Building Communities, Ending Violence
    The Building Communities, Ending Violence project is a transformative justice project that works together with students, staff, and faculty to build skills for everyday, collective, community-based interventions into everyday oppression and violence in our communities. Each year we offer multiple programs that cultivate healing, accountability, and transformation. We offer a quarterly event called Dandelions in the Concrete that is a space for creative arts, open mic, and community building, and events throughout the year including support circles for communal reflection and healing and strategy sessions that build analytic and communication skills for intervention, as well as an annual Dialogue Project (see below).
  • The Dialogue Project
    The Dialogue Project is a collaborative project between Building Communities, Ending Violence and the Division of Student Affairs. The project brings together a group of students in a co-curricular space to build knowledge, critical analysis, and communication skills to increase their capacity as leaders in addressing issues of privilege and oppression within the DePaul community and in the broader context of their own lives. To learn more, please contact Dr. Ann Russo.

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