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Related Announcements

We're happy to share the following announcements from our friends at other institutions around the world (listed in order of deadline):

Centre for Catholic Studies
Durham University (UK)

Durham University (UK)

Now Open: 2018-19 Postgraduate Scholarship/Bursary Applications

Closing date is Monday, May 28, 2018 (new candidates for a postgraduate degree must apply online, with all supporting documents, by Friday, May 11, 2018).

Durham's Department of Theology & Religion is offering the following:
  • Institute of Christian Education's Louis Lafosse Bicentenary PhD Scholarship (3 years, full-time, full fees, plus a maintenance allowance)
  • Catherine McAuley, Mary Ward, and Capuchin Franciscan Scholarships and Bursaries (one year, fees only; open to both full- and part-time candidates)

More Information Available Here