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Current Events

Spring 2019

2018-19 Spiritual Works of Mercy Lecture Series

Logo for Spiritual Works of Mercy series
After the wonderful response last year to our Corporal Works of Mercy series*, we are offering a follow-up lecture series this academic year on the Spiritual Works of Mercy. Though often worded differently, the spiritual works of mercy are
  • Share the faith (often worded as "instruct the ignorant").
  • Counsel the doubtful.
  • Admonish the sinner.
  • Comfort the afflicted.
  • Forgive offenses willingly.
  • Bear wrongs patiently.
  • Pray for the living and the dead.
Learn more about the spiritual works of mercy here. For a guide to prayerful reflection on the spiritual works of mercy, visit the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's website.

*To watch the videos of last year's Corporal Works of Mercy Lecture Series, please visit our "Past Events" page.

Schedule of All Lectures in this Series

September 27​ Sharing the Faith
Catholic Education: From and For Faith
Thomas Groome (bio)—Professor of theology & religious education, Boston College; author of What Makes Us Catholic: Eight Gifts for Life
November 1 Forgiving Offenses Willingly
On the Ground in Eastern Africa: Creating Peace Amid Conflict & Religious Extremism
Fr. Patrick Devine, SMA (bio)—Founder & director, Shalom Centre for Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation in Eastern Africa
January 24 ​Comforting the Afflicted
Withcraft & Demons in a World of Plural Beliefs: A Cultural Approach for Helping the Afflicted—and the Accused
Fr. Bernhard Udelhoven, SMA (bio)—Coordinator of "Fingers of Thomas" ministry in Lusaka, Zambia, & longtime missionary
February 21 ​Praying for the Living and the Dead
Lazarus, Come Forth—War, Soul Death, and Homecoming​​
Robert Emmet Meagher (bio)—Professor of humanities, Hampshire College; author of Killing from the Inside Out: Moral Injury & Just War
​February 28 Bearing Wrongs Patiently
Challenges & Hopes: The Catholic Church in Contemporary China
Mary Mee-Yin Yuen—Professor, Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology & Philosophy in Hong Kong
April 4​ Admonishing the Sinner
The Prolonged Struggle against Metallic Mining in El Salvador​: The Role of the Catholic Church​
Andrew McKinley (bio)—Specialist on water & mining, Universidad Centroamericana in San Salvador (UCA), El Salvador
​April 11
Counseling the Doubtful
A Nun on the Rise of "Nones" in Latin America
Sr. Geraldina Céspedes—Professor of theology & philosophy, Universidad Rafael Landívar, Guatemala City

April 4

Salvadoran nun protesting against metallic mining
Admonishing the Sinner*
The Catholic Church's Role in the Struggle against Metallic Mining in El Salvador (details)

The Catholic Church in El Salvador led the push for the March 2017 law that made this small Central American nation the first in the world to ban metallic mining. Andrew McKinley, a water and mining specialist at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) in San Salvador, was part of this Catholic effort and explains, in this talk, the devastating effects of metal mining and the strategies that led to passage of the 2017 law.

*Spiritual Works of Mercy Lecture Series

Ap​ril 11

Person throwing symbols of religion into a trash can
Counseling the Doubtful*
A Nun on the Rise of "Nones" in Latin America (details to come)

Between 2014 and 2018, the percentage of Latin Americans claiming no religious affiliation more than doubled, from 8% to 17%. Geraldina Céspedes, OP, a missionary nun working in a marginalized neighborhood of Guatemala City, explains some of the reasons for this increasing number of "doubtful" and some of the ways the Catholic Church in Latin America is responding.

*Spiritual Works of Mercy Lecture Series

​May 3-5

Red rose on a barbed-wire fence
World Catholicism Week 2019
Put Away Your Sword: Gospel Nonviolence in a Violent World (details)

Is God nonviolent, and does God want us to renounce violence as well? In a violent world, does nonviolence work? In this conference, speakers from around the world—Libya, Kenya, Colombia, India, Brazil, Italy, Croatia, the U.S., and the Philippines—will explore these questions through 5 different lenses: theologies of nonviolence; martyrdom and the cross; practices of nonviolent peacebuilding and the "responsibility to protect"; gender and nonviolence; and grassroots church formation of people in the practice of nonviolence. Keynotes will be given by
  • Mauro Garofalo—Head of International Relations, Community of Sant'Egidio 
  • Robert Emmet Meagher—Author, Killing from the Inside Out

Related Events in the Chicago Area

March 20 (5:15pm)

Financial Markets & Moral Inquiry: 
Stock market numbers
A Symposium on Economics & Catholic Social Thought

Presented by the Lumen Christi Institute.

University of Chicago
Ida Noyes Hall
Chicago, IL 60637

  • Peter Cardinal Turkson (Prefect, Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development)
  • J. Christopher Giancarlo (Chair, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission)
  • Mary Hirschfield (Associate Professor of Economics & Theology, Villanova University)
  • John Studzinski (Managing Director & Vice Chair, PIMCO)
Moderated by Maureen O'Hara (Robert W. Purcell Professor of Finance, Cornell University)