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For Clients

​Our clients

TIC provides free translation and interpreting services to various clients in Chicagoland and beyond, many of whom help provide legal, immigration, and social services to low-income communities but lack the sufficient resources to meet the needs of limited-English proficiency (LEP) or non-English speaking individuals.

Scope of work

TIC will consider requests for translation of all types of documents (for example, identification documents, promotional materials, academic materials, informational materials, surveys, consent forms, etc.) and for all types of interpreting, both on-site and remote (for example, events, meetings, interviews, etc.).

As of November 2023, the languages TIC can accommodate are ​German and Spanish. We aim to adapt the scope of our services to the needs of the communities we serve, so if you currently have or anticipate having translation or interpreting needs for languages we do not currently accommodate, please e-mail us at to let us know! It may be possible for us to expand our services to include the languages you need.

Why seek our services?

TIC students who provide translation and interpreting services have been screened and have met minimum requirements for participation in the program. They are held to university policies and standards, as well as current translator and interpreter best practices, industry standards, and codes of ethics.