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For Organizations

The Translator and Interpreter Corps provides pro-bono language access services to non-profit, community based organizations offering legal and social services. This is a facilitative program for organizations who have the capacity to provide the needed services, but not the sufficient linguistic resources to efficiently and effectively support limited-English proficient individuals. The translations and interpretations are performed by advanced undergraduate and graduate students who must meet minimum requirements to participate.

Our scope includes:

  • Translation of client support documents (identification and certificate documents, written testimony, court orders, etc.)
  • Translation of organization documents (intake forms, service information, etc)
  • Interpretation of client meetings (in-person or telephonic)

This volunteer service is pro-bono. Advanced students will be performing these services; this is a volunteer program, and students are not monetarily compensated for their work. These students are screened, and must meet minimum requirements and undergo a training to be participant in the Corps program. All of their work is reviewed by native speakers in DePaul’s Tutoring & Language Learning Center. Students are aware of the expectations of them, and they are held to university policies.

We have a limited capacity for services as availability is contingent on student and academic schedules. Services are available over December intersession and summer breaks. However, testing periods may reduce student availability. Please review DePaul's academic calendar for specific dates. This is not a 24 hour service: for translations, there is a minimum turnaround time of three (3) business days, though this may vary based on document length. For interpretation, we require scheduling at least three (3) business days in advance of the desired meeting date and time.

End-user Flyer

For further information, please contact the program administrator, Citlali Ochoa.​