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Program Information For Partnering Community-Based Organizations

​​ Our partnerships

TIC partners with various community-based organizations (CBOs) in Chicagoland that facilitate legal, immigration, and social services to low-income communities, but lack the sufficient linguistic resources to support the needs of limited-English proficiency (LEP) or non-English speaking individuals.

Scope of work

Translation of client support documents (for example, identification and certificate documents, written testimony, court orders, etc.)
Translation of organization documents (for example, intake forms, service information, etc.)
Consecutive Interpretation of client meetings (in-person or telephonic depending on the availability)

Languages currently offered

Translation: Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese
Consecutive Interpretation: Spanish, French, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese

Why partner with us?

TIC facilitates high-quality pro bono translation work conducted by advanced undergraduate, graduate, and law school student translators, interpreters, and legal reviewers. Our volunteer students are not monetarily compensated for their work. These students are screened, and must meet minimum requirements and undergo a training to be participants in the program. They are aware of the expectations of them and  are held to university policies and standards, as well as current translator/interpreter best practices, industry standards, and code of ethics.

How to partner with us

If you are a Chicagoland-area community-based organization that provides legal and/or social services to low-income, limited-English proficiency, or immigrant individuals, you may qualify for our linguistic services.

Please contact the TIC Coordinator, Elias Shakkour​, to schedule a telephonic meeting to discuss your organization’s work and next steps.

Downloadable program handout