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Program Information for Partners

​​​​​​​​​​​Our partnerships

TIC partners with various entities in Chicagoland, many of which help provide legal, immigration, and social services to low-income communities, but lack the sufficient linguistic resources to meet the needs of limited-English proficiency (LEP) or non-English speaking individuals.

Scope of work

TIC is open to considering any translation or interpreting requests in any language combination. Examples of services provided:

  • Translation of client support documents (for example, identification and certificate documents, written testimony, court orders)
  • Translation of organization documents (for example, intake forms, service information, etc.)
  • Consecutive interpreting at client meetings (on-site or remote)

Why partner with us?

TIC students who provide translation and interpreting services have been screened and have met minimum requirements for participation in the program. They are held to university policies and standards, as well as current translator and interpreter best practices, industry standards, and code of ethics.

How to partner with us

If you have a translation or interpreting need, please complete the ​TIC request form​.  Unless you have already completed it and submitted it, please also complete the CBO Agreement Form​. ​Please email completed documents, along with the source document(s) in the case of a translation request, to​

If you have any questions, please e-mail​