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For Students


DePaul’s Translator and Interpreter Corps (TIC) is a unique opportunity for students to gain experience with the professional world of translation and interpretation while having access to DePaul resources such as translation and interpreting courses, faculty with experience and expertise in the field, and the Tutoring & Language Learning Center. This exposure puts students at a significant advantage upon completion of their degree, as their TIC experience provides them with awareness of the skills needed, the processes involved, and the working conditions of the translation and interpreting field.

Program Goals

The program provides students with training and experiential learning in translation and interpreting as well as intercultural communication. The program allows students to help provide language access to individuals and entities that need it, while developing skills that can be applied in professional settings.

Student Learning Outcomes

TIC students can expect to:

  • Learn about language skills and best practices in translation and interpreting
  • Learn how to employ intercultural communication skills with sensitivity and confidentiality
  • Gain the ability to discuss important aspects of the translation and interpreting field
  • Learn how to apply knowledge from experiential learning to professional activities

TIC work requires a professional level of commitment, attention and responsibility. A TIC student may be working with individuals who are in need of language access for their immigration process; proper handling of sensitive information, confidentiality, and awareness of context is necessary for TIC students to effectively perform these duties.

To begin the TIC application process, please fill out the application form and e-mail it to  Once you've submitted the form, the TIC Director will contact you regarding further steps.

Courses and Related Programs

The Department of Modern Languages offers translation and interpreting courses as well as a number of translation and interpreting programs for any students interested in receiving relevant training, whether to supplement their TIC work or as an independent path toward professional development in the fields of translation and interpreting. If you hav​e any questions, please contact Elias Shakkour, TIC Director, at

  • Winter 2021: MOL 370/470 Professional Translation and Interpreting
  • Spring 2021: MOL 372/472 Translation Language-Pair Practice
  • Spring 2021: MOL 379/479 Translation/Interpreting Practicum

The language programs in the Department of Modern Languages offer a variety of translation and interpreting courses throughout the year. Some of these are:

  • ARB 330/430 Arabic Translation
  • FCH 321/421 Translation I
  • FCH 323/423 Translation II
  • FCH 324/424 Translation III
  • GER 321/421 Translation
  • ITA 321/421 Translation
  • SPN 243 Introduction to Translation
  • SPN 244 Computer-Assisted Translation Tools
  • SPN 325/425 Advanced Spanish Translation
  • SPN 334/434 Advanced Translation in the Professional World: Community-Based Service Learning
  • Some sections of JPN 300-level courses; please contact Japanese Program Director Nobuko Chikamatsu at for more information