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Pre-Law Study

​Like most other universities, DePaul University does not offer a 'pre-law' major.  No one course of study or undergraduate major is particularly appropriate for the pre-law student. The ideal course of study for a pre-law student provides rigorous training in writing and using the English language, analyzing and solving problems, and constructing factually sound and logically consistent arguments.  A pre-law student should endeavor to experience a wide variety of subjects, including the social and natural sciences, the humanities, statistics, economics, and accounting.  From the point of view of a law school admissions committee, the most impressive undergraduate transcript is one which indicates that the student has taken a variety of challenging courses and has performed well in all or most of them.

In seeking accurate information about specific courses at DePaul that may be suitable for inclusion in a pre-law study program, students should consult faculty members in specific departments about the content of the courses they teach.  In addition, students can seek advice from counselors in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the Driehaus College of Business, and other offices of the university.  Finally, other students are an invaluable source of information about courses which may be particularly stimulating and challenging for a pre-law student.

You may wish to draft a rough plan of study for your first three years at DePaul.  This will help you avoid overlooking any important area of study or failing to acquire a necessary skill in preparation for law school.  If you discover particular weaknesses in your educational background early in college, you can enroll in courses to remedy those weaknesses well before you need to take the LSAT or apply to law school itself.

Admission to law school is highly competitive and no student is guaranteed admission. Thus, all pre-law students should constantly re-evaluate their career goals and should always be willing to consider alternative careers.  The spring quarter of your senior year is NOT the best time to think about what to do if you are not admitted to law school.  You should plan your undergraduate program with a variety of alternatives in mind, only one of which is law school.

Study abroad or internship experience (law-related or otherwise) can also strengthen a student’s law school application.  The Study Abroad Office is located in Suite 1200, 990 West Fullerton.  Students who are interested in an internship can inquire at the Career Center (Lincoln Park or Loop Campus) or in their major field departments. The Political Science internship coordinator is Phillip Stalley.

A Guide to the Law School Application Process

Pre-law Resources at DePaul

Various resources are available to pre-law students at DePaul. In particular, the following people are available for advising:

Several organizations offer students an opportunity to expand their interests and develop their leadership abilities.  The Student Government Association and The DePaulia offer challenging extracurricular activities. For several years, DePaul has sponsored teams in national Mock Trial competitions. For information about joining our team, contact Mr. Eric Wright at

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