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Office Manager - What Drew Her to the School of Public Service

Hello, my SPS family!

As many of you know, I’m the new(ish) Office Manager for the School of Public Service. I have never received a warmer welcome from so many people. I’d always heard great things about DePaul, and I’m happy to experience our community of teaching, learning and service first-hand.

The School of Public Service quickly became special to me. I appreciate the passion for service from staff, graduate assistants and faculty and the way in which the SPS program encourages students to make a positive effect on a person, a community or even a country through volunteering, attending public events, coordinating an event or studying abroad.

Now, a little about me.

I’m a Michigander from Lansing — I can show you where that is on my hand or on somebody else’s hand — but my roots go back to Chicago, where my parents grew up. As a child, Chicago became a second home to me since I had so much family here, and we'd visit for family gatherings, holidays and, of course, Cubs and Bears games.

I attended Michigan State University (Go Spartans!​), and I graduated December of 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising Management & Media Concentration.

Soon after I graduated, I accepted a job in Chicago as a social coordinator for an ad agency. After a few months, I discovered that it wasn't the job for me — so I got out of there. I looked for something I would enjoy, something closer to my heart.

I live in the Lincoln Park area, and I would pass the DePaul’s main campus every day on my way to the train. I loved having that university setting down the street from me, and it got me thinking. Having attended Michigan State with all the pride and big-time college atmosphere, I missed that feeling. I missed the university environment. I set out to be a part of it again, this time as an employee.

So here I am at DePaul working for the School of Public Service, and it makes so much sense to me. I’ve always been drawn to non-profits, for example. I worked as an intern for one in Michigan where I helped local business and communities throw neighborhood events that would foster bonding of people and their communities.

The School of Public Service inspires me to continue raising awareness of public service, and I plan to do so through encouraging students to participate in events that promote involvement, service and action.

As office manager, I handle the SPS budget, plan events and post on social media. I update the SPS website with news articles, along with jobs and internshipsI also answer questions — lots of questions — and I’m here to answer yours.

In short, I promote the School of Public Service, and I serve its students, staff, faculty and community.

If you have questions, or news you would like to share, please stop by my office, or email me at