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Concentration Requirements

Concentrations provide focus to the degree. In addition to the degree requirements, students are required to choose one of the following:

Standard Concentration

Required Concentration Course

Elective Courses

Four courses (16 quarter hours) chosen from more than 60 courses based on a student's professional goals and personal interests. If warranted by special needs or interests, students may take up to two elective courses in other departments of the university. Permission of the director is required before registration for such courses.

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Metropolitan Planning and Urban Affairs Concentration

The Metropolitan Planning and Urban Affairs concentration provides students with a broad perspective on the issues relating to land use, transportation, housing, economic development, and related social problems. It instills an understanding of the institutional and analytical issues affecting units of government, planning agencies, and other urban public service institutions.

Required Concentration Courses

​​ Elective Courses ​​

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Higher Education Administration Concentration

For managers in post-secondary institutions of learning, this concentration teaches necessary analytical and managerial skills.  The coursework helps students develop an understanding of management principles, policy analysis, and research within higher education.  Electives provide opportunities to explore leadership, governance, strategic planning, budgeting, finance, law, diversity, enrollment management, marketing, student affairs, and politics in higher education.

Required Concentration Courses

Elective Courses

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Health Care Administration Concentration

The Health Care Administration concentration provides students with the managerial and analytical skills necessary to understand and influence the processes through which hospitals, associated health care organizations, and public and private agencies provide health care opportunities to explore the roles of specific nonprofit and governmental health care providers and regulatory agencies.

Required Concentration Courses

 Elective Courses

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Emergency Management Concentration

Emergency Management is a critical concern for the public, private and non-profit sectors.  Both the conceptual and practical implementation sides of homeland security and emergency preparedness rest at the intersection of national defense, law enforcement, and emergency preparedness.  This concentration will provide students with both theoretical and practical knowledge that will prepare them for private or public sector employment in the area of emergency preparedness for both security and non-security related incidents.  

Required Concentration Courses

Elective Courses



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