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Roberta Garner

  • Professor
  • PhD​​​​​

  • Sociology
  • Faculty
  • 773.325.4892
  • 990 West Fullerton Avenue, 1110

Dr. Roberta Garner is a Professor in the Department of Sociology. She teaches in the areas of theory, research methods, statistics, social movements, and political sociology. Her most recent work (with co-editors Larry Bennett and Euan Hague) is a collection of articles by sociologists, geographers, and political scientists on politics, development, and inequities in contemporary Chicago: Neoliberal Chicago (University of Illinois Press, 2016).

Recent Publications:

Social Theory: Continuity and Confrontation. 3rd edition. Roberta Garner and Black Hawk Hancock, editors. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press. 2014. .
Rethinking Contemporary Social Theory. 2013. Roberta Garner, Black Hawk Hancock, and Grace Budrys. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers.
Doing Qualitative Research: Designs, Methods, and Techniques. 2013. Greg Scott and Roberta Garner. Pearson/Allyn and Bacon. .
Changing Theories: New Directions in Sociology. 2009. (Black Hawk Hancock and Roberta Garner). University of Toronto Press.

Research Interests

  • Political Sociology
  • Sociological Theory
  • Urban Sociology
  • Research Methods