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HumanitiesX Leadership Team and Advisory Council

Leadership Team

Lisa Dush

Lisa Dush is an Associate Professor in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in professional and digital writing, many of which partner student teams with Chicago-area nonprofit organizations to produce written and digital-media deliverables. Lisa’s research—focused on how digital technologies have changed writers’ work, writing’s value, and pedagogies for teaching writing—has been published in multiple journals and edited collections. Prior to directing HumanitiesX, Lisa served as Director of Studio CHI, DePaul’s Digital Humanities center, and as Director of DePaul’s MA in Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse.

Joanna Gardner-Huggett

Joanna Gardner-Huggett is Associate Dean of Curriculum and Scheduling in LAS and Associate Professor of History of Art and Architecture. She teaches courses exploring twentieth-century art and feminist theory. Joanna’s research focuses on the intersection between feminist collaboration and arts activism and has been published in many anthologies, exhibition catalogs, and journals. Her most recent scholarship explores the history of the Guerrilla Girls, the Feminist Art Workers, and the origins of the women artists’ cooperatives Artemisia Gallery in Chicago (1973-2003) and ARC (1973-present).

Susanna Pagliaro

Susanna Pagliaro is Executive Assistant Dean and Chief of Staff for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

Margaret Storey

Margaret Storey is Professor of History and Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (LAS). She teaches courses on historical methods, the history of the American Civil War, Reconstruction, and the South. Her scholarship on the Civil War era has focused on the dynamics of military occupation, the political culture of loyalty and disloyalty, and the ways that kinship, race, and gender shaped the lived experience of the Civil War. As Associate Dean, she works closely with faculty, staff, and academic leaders to facilitate and support a range of strategic curricular, programmatic, and scholarly initiatives in the College of LAS.

Harrison Horst

Advisory Council, Community Representatives

Advisory Council, DePaul Representatives

  • Guillermo Vásquez de Velasco

    Rubén Álvarez Silva

    • Assistant Director for Academic Service Learning, Steans Center
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  • Cheryl Bachand

    Cheryl Bachand

  • Helen Damon-Moore

    Helen Damon-Moore

    • Associate Director, Steans Center
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  • Bill Johnson-González

    Bill Johnson-González

    • Associate Professor and Director, Center for Latino Research
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  • Daryl Koehn

    Daryl Koehn

    • Professor and Wicklander Chair in Professional Ethics
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  • Amor Kohli

    Amor Kohli

    • Associate Professor and Department Chair, African and Black Diaspora Studies
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  • Susana S. Martínez

    Susana S. Martínez

    • Associate Professor and Director, Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies
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  • Caterina Mongiat-Farina

    Caterina Mongiat-Farina

    • Associate Professor and Italian Program Director
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  • Jade Ryerson

    Jade Ryerson

    • Student Representative, History Major; Museum Studies and Archaeology Minor
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  • Amy Tyson

    Amy Tyson

    • Associate Professor and Director, American Studies Program
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