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Student Representatives 2022-2023

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Political Science students elected the following students to be their representatives in departmental governance matters. ​


Macy Hittmeier

My name is Macy Hittmeier and I am a senior at DePaul, studying political science and women and gender studies! As someone who got the opportunity to serve as a student representative alternate last year,  I feel confident that I can strongly advocate for the students of the political science department this year! I have so many new ideas to bring forward to create better student involvement and opportunities! Additionally, as a senior I feel I have a great perspective on the school itself, the political science department, and the student experience.  

During meetings, I will always ask how the material being discussed will impact the students. I want to advocate for students of all backgrounds, from different abilities, religions, races, genders, as well as students within different contexts such as commuting, dorm life, etc. I value communication with my peers greatly and want to voice their opinions as much as possible!  


Nazo Islamaj

Hi, my name is Nazo Islamaj! I am a junior PSC major with plans to attend law school and become a corporate lawyer. I was born and raised in Chicago, and I enjoy frequenting Chicago's dining scene.  

I am so humbled to be voted as a PSC student representative for 2022-2023, and so appreciative of the support from my fellow students. As a rep, I will emphasize being a bridge from students to faculty. I hope to continue to place significance on PSC students' needs in the department. As a passionate, responsible and opinionated student, I hope to continue my work towards bettering students' experiences as PSC majors.


Alik Schier

Hi everyone! I'm Alik Schier (he/him) studying Political Science, and I just entered my junior year! I grew up in Washington DC, where I got hands-on experience with what politics is, and how I feel I could shape that definition.  When I joined the DePaul community, I joined Student Government, serving as the seat of senator for first year students, and senator for second year students. Before my time at DePaul I worked in local DC politics, helping progressive candidates run and win. I ran a campaign advocating for lowering the voting age to 16 in DC for two years, and worked on the national campaign serving as a board member. When I was a junior in high school I worked on Capitol Hill for Rep. Jason Crow of CO-06 and House Democrats. I'm fired up and ready to continue bringing a unique perspective to the political science department, and I hope to focus on an intersectional lens for this next year, and help make our curriculum more inclusive, progressive, and robust. I am also ready to hold our new administration accountable, and ensure a clean transition within the department. Outside of politics or school you can catch me serving tables, sporting a new button up shirt, and saying hi to dogs I pass on the street. DePaul needs a student representative to enact real change, and I am ready to continue serving as that representative. ​​


Susan Arab

​​​Hi, my name is Suzan Arab, and I'm from Hinsdale, IL. I have previously held many leadership positions, such as being the Senior President of my local food pantry. I have also had the opportunity to participate in a fellowship by iCivics, where I learned the importance of student voice and being a leader in a community I care about. I value students' voices and will be a good representative of what my fellow peers favor. I am not too fond of fluff, and I am not afraid to voice my opinion on changes we want to see. 


Benjamin Dym

​​​My name is Benjamin Dym, and I am a Junior majoring in Political Science, with a concentration of American Politics. I come from a family of refugees from Iraq on my mother's side and Holocaust survivors on my father's side. I believe that my background and upbringings has made me a stronger person today and has shown me how politics and government can truly affect our everyday lives. As a student representative, I want to help make my community a better and more inclusive place for all. I want everyone to feel welcome at DePaul and comfortable in their own skin, while also bringing everyone together. ​