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Student Representatives 2021-2022

​​​​​​Political Science students elected the following students to be their representatives in departmental governance matters. ​

Alik Schier

Olivia Kennedy

I'm Alik Schier (he/him) studying Political Science, and I just entered my sophomore year! I grew up in Washington DC, where I got hands-on experience with what politics is, and how I feel I could shape that definition. When I joined the DePaul community, I joined our Student Government, winning the seat of senator for first year students, and was re-elected in the spring as senator for second year students. Before my time at DePaul, I worked in local DC politics, helping progressive candidates run and win. I ran a campaign advocating for lowering the voting age to 16 in DC for two years and worked on the national campaign serving as a board member. Some of my work was featured on platforms like NPR, NowThisNews, NBC Nightly News, and The Washington Post. When I was a junior in high school, I worked on Capitol Hill for Rep. Jason Crow of CO-06 and House Democrats.

I'm fired up and ready to bring a unique perspective to the political science department, and I hope to focus on an intersectional lens for this next year, and help make our curriculum more inclusive, progressive, and robust. I am also ready to hold our administration accountable and not back down from a fight. Outside of politics or school you can catch me serving tables, sporting a new nail color, and saying hi to dogs I pass on the street. DePaul needs a student representative to enact real change, and I am ready to be that representative.

Ilona Willsey

My name is Ilona Willsey and I am currently studying political science with a concentration in international politics! I'm a senior originally from the western suburbs of Chicago, however, I have dual Swiss and U.S. citizenship. My life revolves around being on campus as the vice president for Women's Club Volleyball, and as the developmental chair for DePaul's Camp Kesem chapter. Off campus, I am the governmental relations intern for the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce. 

This community has supported me to fearlessly pursue my goals. Student-to-faculty interaction is vital in order to maintain a bountiful community in the political science department. As a student representative, I want my peers to feel similarly by ensuring their voices are heard and accounted for. 

Macy Hittmeier

My name is Macy Hittmeier and I am a junior majoring in Political Science. I am a very passionate advocate and ally for the LGBTQ community, those with disabilities, women, people of color, and believe in progressive, forward thinking. As a student representative, I believe that it is important that with any decisions regarding experiences I cannot personally speak on, I must reach out and value the voices of those who can. I also hope to find new ways to help students engage with classes and our program, all while feeling heard and represented.  

Nazo Islamaj

Olivia Kennedy
My name is Nazo Islamaj. I'm sometimes called "DePaul's Elle Woods". You can spot me on campus wearing an obscene amount of pink and reading the book “The Modern Middle East" for class. At DePaul, I am the vice president of the Albanian American Cultural Association, and the personal assistant of a DePaul professor. The reason I am running as a political science student representative is because I believe that political science students are some of the most ambitious students at DePaul, and therefore need a department that is as helpful and useful to them as possible. Students' opinions, wants and needs matter, and there is nothing more important than PSC students feeling heard by their department. This is the job of the student representative-- but not all representatives are created equal. Fortunately, one is sharp as a tack, ready to listen to students, and dressed from head to toe in pink.​

Olivia Piotrowski​

Riley Reed
My name is Olivia Piotrowski, and I am interested in becoming a student representative for the Political Science Department. I am a senior studying Political Science and Philosophy. Engaging in political discourse and going through a personal experience has taught me about wanting to learn more about hearing the voices of those who are underrepresented and unheard in our society. I'm a Chicagoan, born and raised! My whole family is from Poland, making me a first generational student to attend college. With public speaking skills that can expand dialogue and create an engaging working environment, I am a team member dedicated to providing a community outlook and inclusivity to hear the thoughts of all members so as to create a space of ingenuity and innovation here at DePaul!