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Benjamin Epstein

  • Associate Professor
  • PhD, City University of New York Graduate School​
  • Political Science
  • Faculty
  • American politics; political communication and media; research methodology
  • 773-325-2282


Professor Epstein joined the faculty at DePaul in 2012 and brought with him over a decade of teaching experience, including teaching in high school along with two major universities in New York City.  Since arriving at DePaul, Ben has taught many courses including mass media and American politics (PSC 321); the Internet, technology, and politics (PSC 315); American political culture (PSC 216); and the American political system (PSC 120).  He loves being in the classroom and takes pride in creating a dynamic, interactive, and personally meaningful experience in his courses.

Ben is a proud native Minnesotan who has lived and taught on both coasts and is excited to be back in the midwest.  When not at DePaul, he is usually having fun and cheering on Minnesota sports teams with his wife and two kids.

Current Activities

Professor Epstein's research is primarily directed toward political communication.  He is particularly interested in exploring the intersection of the Internet and politics and the extent to which new communication tools are, or are not, democratizing the political process.  His work constantly aims to contextualize the dynamic changes occurring in American politics by placing them within a historical narrative.  His dissertation, entitled The Revolution Will Not be Televised Anymore: New Technology, Political Choice, and Changes in Political Communication from the Newspaper to the Internet, explores the process of political communication change over time including the development of new communication technologies and the diffusions process through which people and institutions choose whether or not to adopt new tools.