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Faculty Publications


Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Fundamental Political Writings
Edited by David Lay Williams and Matthew W. Maguire
Translated by Ian Johnston
Published by Broadview Press


Why Don't You Just Talk to Him? The Politics of Domestic Abuse
Written by Kathleen R. Arnold
Published by Oxford University Press

Molly W. Andolina & Hilary G. Conklin (2018) Speaking With Confidence and Listening With Empathy: The Impact of Project Soapbox on High School Students, Theory & Research in Social Education, 46:3, 374-409, DOI:

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Spalding, R. J. (2018). From the Streets to the Chamber: Social Movements and the Mining Ban in El Salvador. European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, (106), 47–74. DOI:


Black Power in the Suburbs: The Myth or Reality of African American Suburban Political Incorporation 
Written by Valerie C. Johnson
Published by SUNY Press (September 26, 2002)


Power in the City: Clarence Stone and the Politics of Inequality
Edited by Valerie C. Johnson
Published by University Press of Kansas (February 26, 2008)