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Rose J. Spalding

  • Professor of Political Science and Vincent DePaul Professor
  • ​​​​​​​​​​PhD, University of North Carolina
  • Political Science; Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies
  • Faculty
  • Latin American politics; resource conflicts; elite studies; social movements networks; environmental politics; civic engagement​
  • 773-325-1983


Rose J. Spalding is a Professor of Political Science and a Vincent DePaul Professor. She is also an affiliated faculty member in the Latin American and Latino Studies Department and in the Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies Department. She teaches courses on Latin American Politics, Latin American-US Relations, Latin American Political Economy, States, Markets and Societies, Inequality in American Society, and Civic Engagement, among others. Her areas of specialization are Latin American Politics, Resource Conflicts, Elite Studies, Social Movements, Environmental Politics, and Civic Engagement. Her recent publications include Contesting Trade in Central America: Market Reform and Resistancewith the University of Texas Press and "From the Streets to the Chamber: Social Movements and the Mining Ban in El Salvador," European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies 106, (2018): 47-74. Her new book, ​Breaking Ground: From Extraction Booms to Mining Bans in Latin America​, has been recently released by Oxford University Press.​ 

See a YouTube video of Professor Spalding presenting a 30-minute overview of Breaking Ground at the University of Delaware on December 8, 2023 (minutes 2-30). ​​