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About Harry F. Chaddick

Harry F. Chaddick
Real Estate Developer and Urban Planner

A man of multiple careers, Harry F. Chaddick has led more than a lifetime of service, dreams, plans, gambles, and gritty determination. Starting as an errand-boy for a large Chicago drug store during World War I, Harry never held a full-time job again working for anyone else except himself. Moreover, he wound up a multi-millionaire.

Licensed as an assistant pharmacist, Harry was urged to give up his career by his boss, since pharmacists never go anywhere!

Starting with one truck in a wide-open and rough-and-tumble industry, he fought for sensible regulation, and pioneered the piggy-backing of trailers on train flatcars, and the use of 2-way radios in highway trucks.

Government Service
During World War II, Harry's knowledge of transportation earned him an appointment to oversee the transport of men and materials to North Africa, when others couldn't do it.

Rezoning a City
Harry took a senseless jumble of zoning laws in Chicago and rewrote them into a unified comprehensive plan for a more livable, beautiful city of people and businesses they work in.

Real Estate Development
Urban white elephants in Chicago and arid deserts in California were turned into useful, enjoyable and profitable properties through Harry's vision, dreams, leadership and determination.

Harry and wife Elaine established the Chaddick Foundation, which funds innovative projects for hospitals, churches, social agencies, and universities.