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The Grace School of Applied Diplomacy is dedicated to reconceptualizing the practice of diplomacy in the 21st century. Here, we understand that diplomacy is no longer the sole purview of government officials and mediators. Rather, people across many different professions must be equipped and empowered to collaborate and develop solutions to society’s most vexing challenges. They must be trained to accomplish the goals of organizations, cities, states, and international entities through consensus building.

The Grace School is training such transprofessional diplomats to build bridges across difference and to address power imbalances, drivers of conflict, and other challenges to collective prosperity. Our undergraduate and graduate programs include academic offerings drawn from 21 different fields of study across the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Our faculty are leading scholars and dynamic teachers drawn from highly diverse, complementary fields—from art to anthropology, international public service to geography, history to international studies, religious studies to political science. They bring the critical insights of a liberal arts education to bear on the concrete work of promoting cooperation, community building and conflict resolution.

Throughout, we emphasize the necessity for practitioners of diplomacy to become culturally, racially, ethnically, ecologically, and religiously literate, and to embrace an interdisciplinary and intercultural definition of the term diplomacy. To that end, three key areas of emphasis in the Grace School will be to increase study abroad opportunities for students who might not otherwise be able to afford it, transform the demographic profile of college graduates who apply for jobs in diplomacy, and connect faculty and students with professional and citizen diplomats.

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