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What would it look like if a future nation-state diplomat spent time with Chicago-based community organizers, in order to learn about the real-world intricacies of negotiation and coalition-building across boundaries of difference? Can you imagine a world in which a Chicago community organizer has the same background in international relations, international political economy and mediation as a peer in the foreign service?

DePaul’s Applied Diplomacy program is dedicated to reconceptualizing the practice of diplomacy to make these interconnections possible. Uniting traditional and non-traditional approaches to the field, the program seeks to transform our understanding of both. We emphasize the critical necessity for practitioners of diplomacy to become culturally, racially, ethnically, ecologically and religiously literate, and embrace an interdisciplinary and intercultural definition of the term diplomacy.

The faculty of Applied Diplomacy are drawn from twenty-one different departments and programs across the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, making it one of the most disciplinarily diverse diplomatic studies programs in the United States. Our diverse constellation of teacher-scholars bring the critical insights of a liberal arts education to bear on the concrete work of promoting cooperation, community building and conflict resolution in multiple contexts.

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