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Diplomacy & the Arts Concentration

​​“Musicians can perform diplomatic functions. Beyond the official responsibilities, they disseminate models of relationships to others that diplomatic practice can draw on or even adopt.”

- Frédéric Ramel and Cécile Prévost-Thomas, International Relations, Music and Diplomacy, 2018

The Diplomacy and the Arts concentration provides a foundation for those interested in putting art and an understanding of aesthetics into the service of community formation, conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Likely vocations could include work in museums, galleries or as a studio artist, among others. Students selecting this concentration will place the study and practice of diplomacy into conversation with the disciplines of literary studies, studio art, the history of art and architecture, peace studies, religion, and writing, rhetoric and discourse.

Students in the Diplomacy and the Arts concentration are required to take six courses from the following list.​

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