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Diplomacy & International Law Concentration

“In this world of political entities, each of which theoretically has unchallenged control over its territory...the practices recognizable as contemporary diplomacy and international law grew up.”
- David Clinton, “Diplomacy and International Law,” The SAGE Handbook of Diplomacy, 2016

The Diplomacy and International Law concentration provides a foundation for those who are interested in pursuing graduate work in Law or other fields that require an understanding of international legal frameworks and that incorporate mediation and conflict resolution. Students selecting this concentration will bring the study and practice of diplomacy into conversation with the disciplines of international studies, law, peace studies, political science and writing, rhetoric and discourse.

Students in the Diplomacy and International Law concentration are advised to take INT 323: Public International Law: Peace, Conflict, and Human Rights, before choosing five additional courses from the following list. At least three of these must be at the 300-level.

  • INT 303 International Law
  • INT 324 International Economic Law: from Colonialism to Globalization
  • INT 325 International Organization: Law, Governance, Power, Change
  • PAX 388 Topics in Law, Justice, and Human Rights
  • PSC 265 Law and Popular Culture
  • PSC 361 International Law
  • PSC 364 Comparative Protection of Individual Rights
  • PSC 366 National Security and the U.S. Constitution
  • PSC 367 Immigration Law
  • PSC 368 Rights Based Social Movements
  • PSC 369 Advanced Topics in Public Law
  • WRD 321 Writing in the Legal Profession