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Diplomacy, Non-Governmental Organizations & Peacebuilding Concentration

“The act of Compassionate Listening is an embodiment of the core definition of compassion, which means ‘to suffer with.’ To feel that depth of connection with another we must find the place within us that also suffers.”
- A. S. Cohen, Practicing the Art of Compassionate Listening, 2011

The Diplomacy, Non-Governmental Organizations and Peacebuilding concentration provides a foundation for students interested in pursuing careers that emphasize mediation and bridge building in non-profit transnational organizations. Students will have the opportunity to place the study and practice of diplomacy into conversation with the disciplines of African Black diaspora studies, community service studies, international studies, peace studies, political science and religious studies.

Students in the Diplomacy, Non-Governmental Organizations and Peacebuilding concentration are advised to take PAX 202: Active Non-Violence: Practical and Creative Approaches, before choosing five additional courses from the following list. At least three of these must be at the 300-level.

  • ABD 236 Black Freedom Movements
  • CSS 201 Critical Community Engagement
  • CSS 340 Mindfulness and Activism
  • INT 203 International Movements in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • INT 325 Law of International Organizations, NGOs, and Global Governance
  • INT 374 Topics in International Organization
  • PAX 202 Active Non-violence: Practical and Creative Approaches
  • PAX 210 From International Conflict to Resolution and Peace
  • PAX 212 Social Justice and Social Change
  • PAX 220 Social Engagement for Peace and Justice
  • PAX 225 Transnational Grassroots Social Movements
  • PAX 250 Topics: Tools for Social Change
  • PAX 301 The Theory and Practice of Nonviolent Action
  • PAX 312 Transcending Coexistence: Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation
  • PAX 313 Beyond Conflict Resolution: The Evolution of Grassroots Peacebuilding
  • PAX 321 Principles and Practices of Restorative Justice
  • PAX 380 Topics in Nonviolence
  • PAX 384 Topics in Activism and Advocacy
  • PAX 389 Topics in Development, Advocacy, and Activism
  • PSC 282 Political Action and Social Justice: Black Political Organizations in the Post-Civil Rights Era
  • PSC 368 Rights-based Social Movements
  • REL 224 Religion and Politics in the United States
  • REL 259 Religion and Social Engagement
  • REL 290 Liberation Theologies
  • REL 291 Looking for God in Latin America