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History of Diplomacy Concentration

“Scholars of diplomacy have identified diplomatic practices across the human experience, spanning the globe and going back before recorded history. Even so, the actual term diplomacy did not enter into usage until the last decade of the eighteenth century.”
- Halvard Leira, “A Conceptual History of Diplomacy,” The SAGE Handbook of Diplomacy, 2016

The History of Diplomacy concentration provides a foundation for those who are interested in pursuing work in education or advanced studies. Students will have the opportunity to place the discipline of history into conversation with the study and practice of diplomacy.

Students in the History of Diplomacy concentration will be required to take ADP xxx/HST xxx: History of Diplomacy. They will be advised to complete that course before choosing five additional courses from the following list. At least three of these must be at the 300-level.

  • ABD 236 Black Freedom Movements
  • HST 163 East Asia, C. 1800-Present
  • HST 241 World Refugee Crisis
  • HST 249 Origins of the First World War, 1871-1917
  • HST 250 Origins of the Second World War, 1914-1941
  • HST 251 Origins of the Cold War
  • HST 252 The Age of the Cold War
  • HST 255 A History of World War I
  • HST 256 Axis and Allies: The Second World War
  • HST 272 Fascism and Counter Revolution
  • HST 274 Intelligence in the 20th Century
  • HST 277 War and Peace in the Modern Age
  • HST 308 Europe from Conflict to Consensus
  • HST 337 Revolution and Nationalism in Ireland
  • HST 338 The Great War
  • HST 349 The Holocaust
  • HST 367 Comparative Latin American Borderlands