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Urban Diplomacy Concentration

​“We should expect private enterprises, civil society organizations and possibly individual people to engage in more and more diplomacy as they become more influential in international relations. We should want them all to be good at it.”

- Paul Sharp, Diplomatic Theory of International Relations, 2009

The Urban Diplomacy concentration provides a foundation for those who are interested in applying the insights and practices of diplomacy to the context of the modern city. The concentration is ideal for those pursuing vocations in local politics, urban non-profit organizations, community organizing, or globally-connected business. Students selecting this concentration will place the study and practice of diplomacy into conversation with the disciplines of history, urban studies, art, anthropology, peace studies, religion and political theory.

Students in the Applied Diplomacy program are required to take PSC 223: Urban Politics as part of their core requirements. Students are advised to take PSC 223 before choosing five additional courses from the following list. 

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