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Diplomacy & International Political Economy Concentration

“In an increasingly competitive world where political and economic power is in flux and financial constraints are increasing, countries need to make clear decisions about where their priorities lie.
- Maaike Okano-Heijmans, “Economic Diplomacy,” The SAGE Handbook of Diplomacy, 2016

The Diplomacy and International Political Economy concentration provides a foundation for those interested in pursuing careers in the foreign service or the private sector, or advanced studies in the field. Students in this concentration will learn how the disciplines of economics, geography and political theory intersect with and inform the study and practice of diplomacy.

Students in the Diplomacy and International Political Economy concentration are advised to complete the core course required of all Applied Diplomacy majors, INT 200: Introduction to Macroeconomics in an International Context, before taking six courses from the following list. At least three of these must be at the 300-level.

  • GEO 215 / INT 352 International Development and Regional Inequality
  • GEO 266 / PSC 344 World Economy: States, Markets, Labor
  • GEO 315 The State and Economi6c Growth
  • GEO 351 Geography, Food, Justice
  • INT 205 International Political Economy
  • INT 304 Migration and Forced Migration
  • INT 324 International Economic Law from Colonization to Globalization
  • INT 349 World Economy: States, Markets, Labor
  • INT 353 The State Economic Growth in East Asia
  • INT 364 Topics in International Political Economy
  • PSC 343 Asian Political Economy
  • PSC 344 World Political Economy
  • PSC 349 Latin American Political Economy