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Diplomacy & Religion Concentration

“International relations will not stay like it is whether in theory or in practice, whether for scholars and students or for citizens and practitioners. Religion will play a role in that.”
- Mariano Barbato, Pilgrimage, Politics, and International Relations: Religious Semantics for World Politics, 2013

The Diplomacy and Religion concentration provides a foundation for those interested in pursuing work in the foreign service, interfaith contexts, or advanced studies in international relations. Students will bring the study and practice of diplomacy in to conversation with the disciplines of geography, history, Islamic studies, peace studies and religious studies.

Students in the Diplomacy and Religion concentration will be required to take REL 260: Religion and Political Conflict, before choosing five additional courses from the following list. At least three of these must be at the 300-level.

  • ABD 241 Religious Dimensions of the African Diaspora
  • CSS 340 Mindfulness and Activism
  • GEO 204 Geography of Religion
  • HST 143 The Muslim World. 1400-1920
  • IWS 285 Islam’s Encounter with Other Religions and Non-Religious Traditions
  • IWS 330 Islamic Law, Its History and Modern Applications
  • PAX 387 Topics in Peace, Justice, and Religion
  • REL 212 Religion and Popular Culture
  • REL 217 Islam in Global Contexts
  • REL 241 Religion in Chinese History, Society, and Culture
  • REL 242 Hindu Thought and Culture
  • REL 243 Buddhist Thought in Cultural Context
  • REL 245 Religion in Japanese History, Society, and Culture
  • REL 246 Traditions of Chinese Popular Culture
  • REL 248 Literature and Religion in China
  • REL 252 Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • REL 263 Religion and Politics in the Middle East
  • REL 290 Latino/a Liberation Traditions
  • REL 291 Looking for God in Latin America
  • REL 295 Sectarian Movements Within Islam
  • REL 298 Methods and Approaches to the Study of Religion
  • REL 300 Theories of Culture and Religion
  • REL 302 Theories of Religion and Ethics
  • REL 305 Religion and Culture in South Asia
  • REL 320 Religion and Transnational Conflict Resolution
  • REL 342 Zen Mind
  • REL 344 Yoga and Tantra