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Cathy R. May Student Endowment

The Cathy May Student Endowment was established by the Department of Political Science at DePaul University to support majors and minors studying in the field of political science. This program awards up to $4,500 in financial assistance to eligible undergraduate students. The funds that support this student scholarship were set up in memory of our esteemed colleague and friend, Cathy May, who studied in the Department as an undergraduate in the early 1980s and later returned as a faculty member, where she taught for over 20 years. More can be found on Cathy May here.

In keeping with two of Cathy's highest priorities, preference in awarding grants will be given to students who are participating or planning to participate in an internship – whether in Chicago, Washington, D.C., or elsewhere – and to students who are participating or planning to participate in a foreign study abroad program. Grantees will be chosen each year by a committee of faculty drawn from the Department.

Cathy embodied all that is best with DePaul. A dedicated professor, she was widely known as one of the most enthusiastic, thoughtful, and caring educators on campus. Her approachability and authenticity consistently made her one of our highest rated faculty members. When Cathy turned 50, she gathered donations to create a fund to help students. This fund provided money for internship stipends, study abroad fees, and basic expenses such as rent or books. It was this example that prompted her colleagues to set up two scholarship funds (the Cathy R. May Endowed Fund and the Cathy R. May Experiential Fund) to carry on Cathy's work.

We are proud to have these funds honor the memory of Cathy May and her many contributions to the Political Science Department, to its majors, and to countless other DePaul students.

If you are a student, and would like to apply for financial support, please click on this link and fill out the application.

If you are an alumni or friend who would like to contribute to one of the two Cathy May Funds, please click on this link.

Scholarships are awarded twice per year, with application deadlines of November 15 and February 15. For those applying for internship support or Study Abroad, funding will be contingent upon being accepted into the program or getting an internship. Students can combine an award from the Cathy May fund with other scholarships.​