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​​​​General Information

A student can take an internship course offered through the Career Center, find an internship position through the Political Science Department, or arrange an internship experience on his/her own. Independent internships must include a minimum of 100 hours of work experience with an organization and a minimum of fifteen hours of instructional time with an individual political science faculty member.

Where to get more information

Contact the Political Science Department at  

Career Center​ > 773-325-4339, SAC 192

Requirements for Academic Credit

In order to receive academic credit for an internship, the student needs to contact the Political Science Department at  We can ensure that the prospective internship involves learning something about politics.  Internship credit is not given simply for doing a job that is related to politics or government. The student and the assigned professor work out the details of the academic part of the internship, such as reading and writing assignments, as well as when and how they will discuss the student's learning experience.

Identifying an Internship Location

DePaul’s Career Center keeps a file of internship opportunities.  In addition, students may do internships that they have identified on their own. Federal and state legislators often offer internships.  Students can contact their federal or state legislator’s office about such opportunities.  Most federal government departments and agencies have internship positions available, some in the Chicago area.  State government internships are numerous and also more difficult to locate.  Most non-profit organizations are glad to have interns though they can be difficult to identify. Please contact the Political Science Department at for additional advice. ​​