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Academic Advising

The Department of Political Science provides a full-time staff advisor dedicated solely to political science majors. Staff advisors can help students plan thoroughly throughout their academic career. It is recommended that students meet with their academic advisor at least once a year to ensure that requirements are being met. 

The Academic Advisor:  

  • Meets with newly declared Political Science majors and minors.
  • Assists Political Science majors by liaising with other departments, like Study Abroad, the LAS College Office, the Dean of Students Office, University Counseling Center, etc.
  • Conducts graduation checks for Political Science majors in their senior year. 
  • Advises Political Science majors on Academic Probation.

How do I schedule an academic advising appointment? 

Political Science majors can schedule an advising appointment via OneDePaul. For step by step instructions, please visit:

Faculty Advisor:

Faculty advisors are assigned after your first quarter at DePaul. They can assist you with your concentration, research, independent studies, and life after graduation. Please note that the faculty advisor does not replace the services provided by the political science academic advisor.

To schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor, please email them with a request. Your faculty advisor information can be found in Campus Connect under OneDePaul, My Success Network. To learn more about your faculty advisor or our PSC faculty (i.e., research interests, professional experiences, publications), please visit our faculty profile page.


Academic Continuity and Engagement (ACE):

Center for Students with Disabilities:

Career Center:

Our PSC department also has an Internship Coordinator who can help you earn credit for your internship. Please visit our PSC Internship Coordinator page for more information. 

Dean of Students:

DePaul Central:

Study Abroad:

University Counseling Center:


I would like to add a double major or minor. Who do I contact for advising? 

The Office of Academic Advising Support (OAAS) advisees both undeclared and exploratory students. To schedule an advising appointment, please visit:

I am missing AP/course credits in my transcript and Degree Progress Report. Who do I contact? 

If you transferred AP credits or course credits from a previous institution and it is not listed on your DePaul record, you can request information by emailing with your name and DePaul ID number. Please note that when a transcript is sent to DePaul, it can take up to three weeks for credit to be posted. 

Do I have to complete a Modern Language Requirement in Political Science? 

Yes, there is a Modern Language Requirement (MLR) for all students in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. The modern language requirement may be met in any of the following eight ways: 

  • completing the last course in the fourth-year high school sequence of a non-English language; 
  • completing the last course in the first-year college sequence of a non-English language; 
  • completing a college course beyond the first-year level in a non-English language; 
  • achieving a satisfactory score on any of the Modern Language placement examinations administered at DePaul University:;
  • achieving a satisfactory rating in a language proficiency examination accepted by DePaul University; 
  • scoring a 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement (AP) test of a non-English language; 
  • scoring 5 or higher on the Language B assessment from a Standard or Higher Level International Baccalaureate (IB) program in a non-English language; or 
  • achieving a satisfactory score on the CLEP evaluation in a non-English language. 

Note: American Sign Language (ASL) does qualify as a modern language.

Note: Transfer students will need to provide official high school transcripts in order to use high school coursework to meet the non-English language requirement. For students who applied to DePaul as high school students, the university already has a copy of the high school transcript.

I speak another language and want to demonstrate my language proficiency to meet the university Modern Language Requirement (MLR). What can I do?

The Department of Modern Languages proctors language exams provided by Language Testing International and Brigham Young University.  Please thoroughly review and follow the instructions outlined in the non-DePaul language proficiency handout.

Advising Resources:

University Statement on Academic Advising
Academic Advising in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

LAS Advising Office:

Faculty Advisors:

In addition to the academic advisor, a faculty advisor is assigned to each student. The faculty advisor can help students with:

  • Course selection relating to a students career or personal interests 
  • Preparing for graduate school, law school, or other career paths 
  • Learning about research, publication, and conference opportunities 

To find out who your faculty advisor is, log on to DePaul's Campus Connect and go to Self Service > Academic Planning > View My Advisors.  To make an appointment with your faculty advisor, please contact her/him directly.  A list of political science faculty members and their contact information is shown below.

How to prepare for your advising appointment:

Review your Degree Progress Report (DPR) which outlines all of your current degree requirements.  If you are considering a change in major or minor, you can use the "what if" function in the DPR to see how your courses would fit into the new plan. If your appointment is about registration, become familiar with the course offerings for the upcoming quarter.  Think about your interests, skills, values, and career plans.  This can help you choose appropriate courses for your needs. Review the course descriptions and degree requirements.

Full-time PSC Faculty:

The Political Science offices are located at 990 W. Fullerton Ave., 2nd Floor, Suite 2100 & 2200. 

Name of Faculty



E-mail Address

Adibe, Clement



Andolina, Molly



Epstein, Ben



Farkas, Dick



Hibbard, Scott



Ibata-Arens, Kathryn



Johnson, Valerie



Mello, Joe



Rivers, Christina



Spalding, Rose



Stalley, Phillip



Steger, Wayne



Tafoya, Joe



Tillman, Erik



Williams, David



Updated October 13, 2021.